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Don't worry, she doesn't really hate these guys. It's just that, Maya has a temper. Make her mad once and she holds a grudge for the rest of her life. xD She gets mad at really small things too.

But right now Evin and Mariah are her life (the reason the other 2 kids aren't there is cause she hasn't had them yet)

Also, the list is REALLY long. If you don't see your name on there it's cause I couldn't fit you, or you've never met her.

Edit: SHE DOESNT REALLY HATE YOU GUYS! xD You know when you're really mad at someone for one day and you plan out how you'll ignore them for the rest of your life, and end up forgetting why you were mad? It's kinda like that.

OH yEAH, for the JunGLE PrincesS, it's supposed to be that uh, Maya's jealous of her when Evin protects her kingdom or jungle, whatever lol, cause like Evin was originally supposed to be with Jungle Princess but then Maya stole him away LOL

She's paranoid and thinks that jungle princess is gonna try to put the moves on him LOL))
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January 23, 2013
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